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  • Fall 2016 Grant, Will you please NOT sit still?, Michael Marella, Michael Fernandes, Jessie Shaw, Athena Kosinski, Scott Percival, Grade 9 Science: This funding will provide alternative seating options for four different freshman science classrooms with the intent of promoting increased mastery of the curriculum by improving students' focus, attention and on-task behavior.

  • Fall 2015 Water Bottle Filler Initiative, Andrew Dorr, AHS. Funding will provide for the installation of a water bottle filler station at Avon High School to provide students and staff with a quick and easy way to fill their water bottles. This program will enhance sustainability, encourage healthy habits, and help minimize dependency on disposable plastic bottles.

  • Fall 2015 Founders Fund Grant, Jill Paterson, AHS Drama Teacher. Further improvements will be made to the AHS performance space, building upon Ms. Paterson’s 2013 theater technology improvement grant, by purchasing a scrim and cyclorama pipes. Founders Fund grants are available to previous AEF grant recipients to update, improve or expand upon an existing program.

  • Spring 2015 Acoustical Shell, Andrew Brochu & AHS Music Department, The Polley Family Music & Arts Grant & the AHS "Another Brick in the Walk" Pavers for Posterity supporters provided a seven-piece Acoustical Shell that will enhance AHS auditorium acoustics to both the ensemble & the audience. The AEF is proud to be part of this collaborative grant funded by many stakeholders in Avon, including Avon UNICO, FAME, AHS PTO & Avon BOE.

  • Fall 2014 Oh Family Grant, Avon’s "Fragtastic" Frag Tank, Scott Percival, AHS, Marine Biology-Expanding the Marine Biology curriculum by providing students with the opportunity to study and learn about hard corals, coral fragmentation and propagation. The Oh Family's generous support will allow expansion of the current identification labs and purchase of an 80-gallon Frag tank supplied with various types of hard corals, so students will be able to use living materials instead of preserved specimens and gain hands-on experience to solidify understanding the of the material. Students will also have the opportunity to create their own independent research projects in smaller, satellite tanks.

  • Spring 2014 Polley Family Grant, Rosalind Wiseman-Creating Cultures of Dignity, Kathy Marzano, AMS, Grades 7 thru 12, School Culture and Climate - Rosalind Wiseman, author of Queen Bees & Wannabees, Masterminds & Wingmen, and several other books, will come to speak to groups of students about managing life as a teenager. She speaks about creating a culture of understanding and dignity, encouraging students to challenge “social group norms” that lead to mean behavior and disrespectful school culture. She offers her experience working with teens, sharing advice with students from her years of working with teen specific problems. She also offers a program for parents of teens, helping adults understand the teen perspective. Funding is also being provided by Avon Youth Services.

  • 2013 Stan and Myra Frost Grant, Fluid Power Systems Curriculum Development, Jim Buys, AHS, Grades 9-12, Technology Education – Acquire 2 fluid power training systems, curriculum materials and website application. The equipment/software will introduce technology students to computer controls related to fluid power systems used for industrial applications.

  • 2013 Oh Family Grant, Scientific Principals of Engineering Design – Robotics, Greg Dunford, AHS, Grade 12, Physics - Develop a new science elective course to provide students with the opportunity to apply physics concepts to the engineering design process.

  • 2013 Monte and Cindy Hopper Grant, A “Pavers for Posterity” Grant, Avon High School Theatre Technology Improvement, Jill Paterson, Grades 9-12, Drama - Acquire clear com devices to enable stage crew to communicate with those in lighting/sound booth during performances. Also acquire a lighting board to control colors, positions, intensity and focal range through the Intelligent Lighting system which was purchased last year.

  • 2012 Hudson Family Grant, Introduction of CAD/CAM Milling and Prototyping, Jim Buys, AHS, Grades 9-12, Technology Education – Acquire 2 CAD/CAM milling stations (Flash-Cut CNC Mill 2000) to allow students to fabricate project prototypes from designs they have created with state of the art Computer Assisted Design (CAD) software.

  • 2012 Oh Family Grant, A Student Response System: “Clickers,” Sally deGozzaldi, AHS, Grades 9-12, Mathematics - Acquire a technology assisted formative assessment (TEFA) student response system (24 clickers) for the math department. This system enables the teacher to quickly adapt instruction based on responses gathered from all students during lessons. The teacher can also identify individual students who may require additional support.

  • 2011 Flaxman Family Grant, Document Camera & Problem Solving, Tracy Andreana, AHS, Grades 9 -12, Mathematics - The math department will acquire a document camera on a mobile cart. A document camera can project virtually anything on its platform and can save work for review or sharing at a later time. Examples of use: demonstrate measuring tools, use spinner and number cubes in probability units, work with algebraic tiles, geometric solids, manipulatives, etc.

  • 2010 Program Grant, APS Music Department Choir and Orchestra Collaborative Performance, Tom Kawiecki, AMS, Grades 7–12, Instrumental and Choral Music - The APS Music Department plans a full concert of mixed repertoire, including John Rutter’s Mass of the Children, to be held on March 30, 2011 in the Welte Auditorium at Central Connecticut State College. This will include the members of all choirs at Avon High School, select members of the orchestra and wind ensemble, and the Avon Middle School Arioso Choir. Tickets for priority seating and general admission will be available to the public.

  • 2010 Hudson Family Grant, Creative Technologies & Aligning Technology Curriculum, Suzanne Drapeau & Robert Vojtek, AHS, Grades 9–12, Creative Technology - This grant will be utilized to extend the scope and range of the $22,323 Perkins grant from the State Dept. of Education to develop, expand and improve technology. AHS currently teaches video production skills across Computer Modeling and Visualization I, Broadcast Journalism, Media Ethics and Video Art courses. The faculty, with the Tech. Ed. teacher from AMS, will determine what would be required to create a concentration from the foundation skills covered in these classes and what mix of software solutions will support them most effectively.

  • 2010 UNICO Grant, EBooks for Twenty-First Century Literacy, Julia Cowans-Wilhelm, Librarian, Grades 9–12, Non-Fiction & Reference -This grant will fund the remaining expense of acquiring the Gale Cengage EBooks to support student research and update the AHS collection. This will help close the gap in the current collection noted in the last NEASC review. EBooks will support the Freshman ISearch, Sophomore Civic Virtue and Senior Mastery projects required of all students.

  • 2009 Mini Grant, EBooks for Twenty-First Century Literacy, Julia Cowans-Wilhelm, Librarian, Grades 9–12, Non-Fiction & Reference - The 222 titles Gale Cengage EBook collection will be acquired (print value $92,000) and available on-line to all students and staff at the high school.

  • 2009 “Pavers for Posterity” Grant, Developing a “Sound” Theater Program, Doreen Cohn, Director, AHS Theater, All ages, Theater - Fund the purchase of sound equipment, including 12 wireless microphones, to enhance dramatic productions, augment technical theater instruction and complement the renovation of the stage area in the auditorium. Recurring production costs will be reduced enabling the theater program to use its proceeds from ticket sales to expand theater opportunities for students.

  • 2009 Program Grant, Digital Visualizers and Writing, Sharon Wendler, AHS, Grades 9–12, Writing - Pilot the use of digital visualizers for writing instruction. Also known as a document camera, the device can project images from bulky 3-D texts in real time or store them for later use, such as posting to a web site.

  • 2008 UNICO Grant, Avon TV and its Hub: The AHS Television Studio, Melissa Mirabello, AHS, Grades 9–12, Journalism - A high quality television broadcast will be achieved with individuals drawn from AHS journalism classes. Broadcasting sports events, concerts, competitions, town meetings via community the access channel will potentially effect every Avon resident.

  • 2008 Program Grant, Mobile Language Lab, Peter O’Sullivan & Claudine Rose, AHS, Grades 9–12, World Language - A mobile language lab will be equipped with video iPods at a cost of about 10% of a stationary lab. No lab currently exists.

  • 2008 UNICO Grant, It’s Time to Learn…Pass the Remote, Michael Marella with Janet Loynes, Mark Burgess, Scott Percival & Scott Tinker, AHS, Grades 9 and 11, Earth Science and Chemistry - Four classrooms will be equipped with innovative technology–Technology-Enhanced Formative Assessment (TEFA) using a classroom response system (CRS)–to increase student participation and inquiry in science classes. The teacher presents a problem and students enter answers into a remote control device that communicates with the teacher’s computer. Immediate feedback on learning gaps is available.

  • 2007 Citibank Grant, Leadership for Life, Lou Pelligrino, AHS, Grades 9-12, Life Skills - Leadership training delivered through seminars and workshops with community, business and education leaders as presenters

  • 2007 Mini Grant, Plant Mobile, Scott Percival & Natalie Carlone, AHS, Grade 10, Biology and Special Education – Collaboration of biology and special education to integrate students for learning including development of vocational skills

  • 2007 Mini Grant, LEGO®s–Not Just for Playtime Anymore, Janet Loynes, AHS, Grade 10, Biology - LEGO®s used to build models of DNA and LEGO®s genes used to build fish to demonstrate how they affect characteristics of offspring.

  • 2005 Mini Grant, A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words, Michael Marella, AHS, Grades 9–12, Earth Science - Multi-Media, Integrate visual images into earth science activities using digital cameras in order to identify earth science processes at work in the environment to increase motivation, comprehension and depth of analysis.

  • 2005 Mini Grant, VRoma, Peter O’Sullivan, AHS, Grades 9–12, Latin, History - Support the VRoma project to teach and learn Latin and Roman culture through workshops and presentations that engage participants in a virtual community by using internet technology.

  • 2004 Giles Family Mini Grant, Developing Student Voices, Julia Cowans-Wilhelm, AHS, Grades 9–12, Writing - Interactive SMART Board enabling students to develop group writing assignments and have their voices heard in real time. This is a new method of instruction to improve critical thinking.

  • 2004 Mini Grant, FIRST Robotics Team, James Ligotti, AHS, Grades 9–12, Science, Engineering, Technology - Purchase materials to design and build reusable packaging to transport and store the team’s robot. Students participated in Atlanta’s National Robotics Competition at which their newly designed packaging equipment transformed into a mobile computer work station.


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